Cruising with Dad on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner (June 19), so instead of a gift card or tie why not plan an ocean or harbor excursion with dear old dad? Get outside and smell the fresh sea air, while listening to live music and enjoying some tasty chow. Dana Wharf has a special two-hour Father’s Day Coastline Cruise aboard the 95’ Dana Pride on Sunday, June 19 from 6:30-8:30 pm.  Everyone can enjoy live classic rock n’ roll with Mike O’Bryan, a delicious barbecue, dessert, non-alcoholic drinks and take in all the majestic sights of a day on the sea. The Father’s Day Cruise also includes a full cash bar. Pricing is $59 per adult and $29 per child.

I recently took my nephew Finlay out for his 10th birthday and my brother-in-law Bill on a Sunday afternoon to catch a little of this father-son duo on board.  We started with Captain Shane’s FREE fishing clinic aboard the Sum Fun. Captain Shane carefully explained the different knots, the types of fish you might expect to hook up that day, how best to handle the fish, the importance of size regulations and fishing techniques, including how to grab the live bait from the tank, hook the bait and cast your line. Then the captain took us out onto the ocean to a large kelp bed where the Calico Bass liked to swim. The fish were biting that afternoon! Finlay hooked up on a lot of fish and reeled them aboard.  He needed a little help from dad at first, but by the end of the afternoon, he was doing everything by himself. He might even join the Dana Wharf Kids Club. You know what they say… give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for life.

If the cruising life is your style, keep the fun going all year-long at Dana Point Harbor, where you can uncork with the OC Wine Cruise every Friday & Saturday night for $49 per person.  Or if you prefer live music, come for a Saturday night Live Music Cruise through October for just $22 and dance to the music of a rotating line up of popular OC bands. All summer long, we may be treated to sightings of minke, fin, blue and humpback whales and all four species of dolphin (common, bottlenose, Pacific white and Risso’s).

The seas are full of unforgettable adventures and scenic Dana Point is a great starting point for a summer of fun.

Blog written by Jamie Wood. Jamie is a social architect, a storyteller, published author of eight books, blog Backside of the Wind: Gypsy Adventures from Behind the Orange Curtain and a road trip warrior. She is singularly unique with a fresh approach, big picture vision and willingness to get into the trenches to get the job done.

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