Knott’s Ghost Town Brings History Back to Life with Ghost Town Alive!

Knott’s Berry Farm has always been my ‘backyard’ theme park, as I have many childhood memories exploring Knott’s with my family. Although many things have changed here, the core of its charming western heritage remains the same. During family visits I remember walking around the Old West Ghost Town and letting my imagination run wild about what life might have been like in those colorful days.

This summer they have brought a new dimension to Knott’s Ghost Town as it celebrates a 75th Anniversary year with Ghost Town Alive! In this interactive experience guests are invited and encouraged to become part of the action in an authentic Wild West town. The boomtown of Calico is filled with lively characters and (if they want to) guests have a chance to be one of the town folk for a day and become part of the story.

Now through September 5 is the time to uncover Ghost Town Alive! Daily activities naturally and seamlessly just happen and unfold, like pledging one’s allegiance to notorious bandits, to saving the day alongside spirited cowboys!

A taste of the town of Calico and Ghost Town Alive! includes heading over to the Barbershop for your own handlebar mustache, or maybe trying your hand at drawing wanted posters, exploring the livery stables with the town’s prized horses or perhaps sitting down for a lucky or unlucky game of cards with lively characters. These shared experiences are sure to make Knott’s even more memorable for the little ones, as well as families, and even teenagers.

If going fast is your type of thrill then you must try the revamped GhostRider, as it puts the wild in the Wild West. This new rollercoaster is very smooth and zooms at record speeds with new trains covering 4,500 feet of new track with more ups and downs than ever before.

Since Knott’s Berry Farm stands on a foundation of serving up delicious homemade food for more than 80 years, you must check out the refurbished Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant. The restaurant may have a whole new look, however, their classic fried chicken is still the star of the show.

Knott’s has dramatically evolved over the years from a humble berry farm, the originator of the boysenberry, to a chicken dinner restaurant with a few simple rides and an authentic Ghost Town to be one of the country’s most beloved theme parks. For me, it’s the down-home appeal and classic Ghost Town is what what haunts me to return again and again.

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*Photos from Calisphere

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