The Endless Summer Lives in Orange County

Let me take you on a sea cruise…

Nothing can surpass being on the water on a warm, sunny day. To me this is one of the best experiences life has to offer, and I like to share it with family and friends whenever possible. A Duffy Electric Boat excursion offers me an fun way to blend an idyllic ‘seafaring’ activity with good times with family or friends.

On a recent weekend, the intimate and stylish Duffy Electric Boat was our ‘home’ on the water for two hours and was instantly transformed into a mini-party and family bonding time. Everyone on-board had a chance to be captain of the outing, (supplied with a map to chart our course through Newport Harbor) or just sit back and soak in the views. The added DIY bonus is that we were able to bring aboard our own food, drinks (which included adult beverages), decorations, and even set the tone with music (IPod hookups on-board).

On our recent family cruise, we had Frank Sinatra’s classic tunes playing for Great Grandpa and promoted our littlest mate to be captain and steer the boat while sitting on his uncle’s lap, we toasted to a wonderful summer day and to each other, laughed a lot and even sang a little.

There is something about being on the water, people seem friendlier; everyone was waving hello and smiling, from the stand-up paddle boarders with kids on their boards, to large vessel passengers and even the Balboa Ferry boat riders. And the views…well, they were amazing, we were able to get up-close to frolicking sea lions, enchanting sail boats, amazing yachts, as well as catch a brilliant orange-hued sunset as we cruised back to the Harbor to dock.

I’d recommend this all-season boating excursion to anyone who wants to celebrate something special, from being up-close at Newport Harbor’s Christmas Boat Parade, to toasting the first day of summer. This unique Southern California treasure is just the right combination of spectacular views and relaxation with an extra splash of fun.

Written by Elaine Cali.

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  • Deirdre Michalski

    One of my favorite quick get away ‘s!

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