Community Creates Healthier Happier Lives

The spirit of Aloha lives in a unique way on the Big Island of Hawaii. While recently visiting my son in Hilo, I discovered that it picturesque region is lush for a reason, as it is the rainiest city in the nation. One night it rained ten inches, and to this native Californian seemed like Seattle with palm trees. However soggy our trip, I did discover a warm welcome from everyone we met along way in a manner that I’ve never experienced before.

One day while dining at the Big Island Brewhaus, the elements came together. As menus have signs for vegan or gluten free dishes, this menu featured a sign for local farmers, cattle ranchers, beekeepers, etc. who subscribed to the principles of the Blue Zone Project.

The Blue Zone Project encourages people to use the Power 9®, the nine secrets of longevity, to improve where we live, work, learn, and play.

  1. Move naturally – find ways to burn calories without thinking about it
  2. Plant Slant – put more fruits and veggies on your plate
  3. 80% – Eat mindfully and stop at 80%
  4. Wine at 5 – enjoy with friends
  5. Purpose – wake up with a purpose and add seven years to your life
  6. Downshift – reverse disease by finding a stress-relieving strategy that works for you
  7. Family First – spending time with family can add six years
  8. Right Tribe – surround yourself with people who support your positive lifestyle
  9. Belong – participating in a faith- based community can add 14 years to your life

The Blue Zone Projects helps people easily make healthy choices by working with grocery stores, restaurants, and worksites to offer and promote foods that are more nutritious and tasty. They also encourage schools to implement programs and policies that encourage children create healthy habits.

They create connections in a community—between individuals and community organizations, faith based and community groups, and other social activities—to better help people connect with the right tribe, following the motto, “belong to live long.”

Research shows that having a reason to wake in the morning up can aid us living up to seven years longer. Through mindfulness and purpose workshops, the Blue Zone Project teaches people how to shed stress, live in the moment, and connect with their innate gifts. Then they help them find opportunities to match their passion with commitment to deepen their sense of purpose.

To date, 98 schools, worksites, restaurants, grocery stores, and faith organizations have joined the movement to create an even healthier and happier Aloha State. We have our own Blue Zone project in Southern California, at Beach Cities, CA. There are also Blue Zone communities in Oregon, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Texas and Florida. There’s so much to be gained from this healthy community-based lifestyle project. They have plenty of knowledge to share with everyone to enhance their health and life.

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