Romantic Winter Adventure

My romantic winter adventure began by riding on the back of a sled pulled by a snowmobile. My boyfriend Joey and I stepped onto the back of the sled and gripped the bar as Brendan, an employee of Rock Creek Lodge in the Eastern Sierras, took off into the woods. We looped around towering, snow-covered Lodgepole Pines and over a running creek as a flurry of snowflakes drifted down upon us. The song “Over the hills and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go” rang through my head inspiring me to open my mouth to catch fluttering snowflakes. As it turns out, Brendan was an expert snowmobile chauffeur and a thoughtful concierge, who had built us an inviting fire in our rustic cabin. He pointed out the cut wood stacked in the back so we were certain to stay cozy.

We spent the day walking through this quaint resort that features twenty cabins of varying sizes and accommodations. In the evening we joined the other resort guests in the cozy main lodge. Our trusty concierge Brendan was there to uncork and pour our wine, at no corkage charge (although they do serve wine and beer). And our evening family-style feast was a treat for our taste buds. A few other guests hiked, snow shoed or cross country skied up to the lodge just for a delicious dinner in this winter haven. From the first bite of warm and fragrant rosemary focaccia bread to the creamy red bell pepper, honey sesame salad to the tender pork loin prepared with reduced pinot and blueberry, every bite was extraordinary. Joey loved the chocolate mousse with Kahlua ice cream that followed, but my dietary concerns were accommodated with a scrumptious dairy free coconut ice cream. We joined some of the other guests for an after dinner party that resulted in a spontaneous music jam session. The mountain air and vastness of the skies brought us all together in the spirit of camaraderie.

Before heading out the next morning on our snow adventures we were treated to a hearty breakfast. Brendan carted our gear downhill on the sled and rented us cross-country skis. We trekked uphill a mile on a groomed trail then overland through a foot of powder to Rock Creek Lake. The sun was warm on this bluebird day. Then we traversed three miles downhill to the Sno Park on corduroy snow that sparkles, reflected tiny rainbows. In this magical winter wonderland snow coated drooping branches of the looming pine trees like big white mittens were everywhere. Occasionally the wind lifted a fine layer of snow from the treetops and sent it swirling down in a mist of glitter across my path.

It’s was only my second time on cross-country skis, so I wasn’t exactly graceful, but I was full of joy and childlike wonder at the beauty of this world as each moment brought new and unforgettable experiences to life.

Written by Jamie Wood. Jamie is the author of eight books, several magazine articles and a creative consultant of Cali Communications. She’s also a talented potter and jeweler as well as an avid outdoor enthusiast and gypsy wanderer.

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