Santa Cruz local, Chef Mikey Adams of Restaurant 1833 will also be a featured chef at PBFW.  He has a passion for creating dishes that highlight the best of the region. Of his creative works, he says “I am reinterpreting classic comfort food through a lens of California’s different cultures to translate to something that reminds people of home – especially with the artichokes, peppers, and variety of ingredients harvested in the beautiful Monterey region.”

Chef Matthew Beaudin will create a PBFW dish called “Duck, Duck, Goose” made from local poultry, a fun twist that carries an important message. “Today using sustainably harvested, local and seasonal foods has become trendy. It’s cool. But for me there is no other way than to work with fishermen, farmers, ranchers personally,” says Chef Matthew Beaudin. “The Farm to Table movement is a trend that supports a need. There isn’t one aspect of life that does not include food. This movement gives back to the community in positive ways and is sustainable in itself.”

This article, written by Jamie Wood, first appeared on Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau website.