Cali Kudos

Bill Snyder, President, Anaheim/Orange County Hotel & Lodging Association

“I was President of the organization that hired Elaine for her first job in the Visitor Industry so I know her well. She was a loyal employee and one who demonstrated great abilities in writing, press relations and she also understood the motivations necessary to fulfill her job. Under her the department gradually increased and results did also. She is a creative thinker with dogged determination which are great attributes to have in today’s business world.

If you think I would recommend her highly—you are right.”

Alynne Hanford, Manager, Leisure Sales, American Airlines

“Elaine Cali’s innovative leadership, knack for staying on the cutting edge and profound understanding of brand management firmly established Anaheim/Orange County as the destination it is today. Elaine is the ultimate professional with a stellar reputation and is regarded by her industry peers and colleagues as one of the best Media Relations and Marketing professionals in the hospitality industry!”

Sandi Cain, Freelance Journalist & News Editor, Trade Show Executive

“I have worked with Elaine for nearly 20 years as a journalist for business publications and as a colleague on printed pieces for major events for IPW (then Pow-Wow) and landmark local anniversary events for Disney and the city of Anaheim. Elaine always has provided timely, relevant information and often gone the extra mile to make certain I had the information, photos or interviews I needed to complete my work. Her approach was no different when I became a freelance journalist than when I was on staff with a business publication. She is knowledgeable, approachable and professional at every step of the way and I believe will be an asset to anyone using her services.”

Tim Mead, Vice President, Communications, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

“Your compassion, sensitivity, dedication, commitment and overall communication skills have served as a model for others. I have long appreciated the manner in which you go about your business, and your ability to accomplish a stated goal. You are and will continue to be, a difference maker!”

Paul Lasley, Executive Producer OnTravel Media, Society of American Travel Writers, Immediate Past President

“Elaine understands the needs of the media. We’ve benefited from her expertise in the past and have seen television, local radio, and many print outlets expand their coverage through Elaine’s suggestions for better stories than they might have come up with on their own. Elaine is truly an exceptional individual and her deep roots in the area gives a depth few professionals in her field possess. ”

Diana Kotler, Executive Director, Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART)

“We have worked with the principals at Cali Communications for several years. Their extensive experience and imaginative approach bring innovative solutions to the creative design and brand development process. Elaine Cali, with her team of professional writers, graphic designers, and brand development experts, bring integrity and ingenuity to every project.”