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The Situation:

During the past 15 years, ART has evolved into a leading public transportation provider and vital partner in Anaheim and OC’s visitor industry. However, ART was unknown, misunderstood or under-utilized by many local businesses, and therefore missing opportunities in the marketplace for increased ridership.


ART has a solid presence in the tourism market, however, needed an overarching graphic design and theme to strengthen its ‘Connect the Dots’ tagline and build visibility as OC’s leading transportation provider to a variety of fun places and experiences.


Reposition the ANAHEIM RESORT TRANSPORTATION’s brand and update their visibility through a new bus wrap, photography and ads to reinforce their brand presence.


The existing messaging and visuals were disjointed without a consistent branding direction or theme.

Target Audience:

Domestic and international travelers to Anaheim/Orange County, business travelers, meeting planners, trade and consumer media, ART partners and local community.


  • Increase ART’s Brand Awareness – Update ART’s brand graphically and establish new brand standards. Also create new web content to enhance the public’s perception of the brand while underscoring their many capabilities.
  • Strengthen Local Reputation – Educate and influence potential and existing riders perception of ART, its services and sustainability mission.
  • Increase Visitor Traffic – Through coordinated messaging promote how ART Connects the Dots to SoCal fun through, engaging website graphics, house ads, e-newsletters, and media exposure.

Research /Planning:

We conducted a SWOT of ART’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the marketplace, audited website messaging, imagery and media outreach. We determined that updating web messages and a visual campaign should be the first phase of recreating ART’s image.


  • Updated ART’s website message points, copy and imagery
  • Added Cali Communications Blog value-added elements
  • Worked with prominent local designers to research the essence of the ART brand, its appeal, its audience, and how best to reach out to the community with a simple and colorful look and feel
  • Created a graphic look that was fun, inclusive of the destination spots ART services and easy to understand the service
  • Coordinated a photo shoot in front of ARTIC that showcased ART’s Executive Director and the lead designer
  • Wrote a press release about ART’s new bus wrap design and its enhanced service in the area
  • Pitched idea to the OC Register and Anaheim City for future feature
  • Reached out to convention travel trades, local and state DMOs and ART’s partners about the new look
  • Coordinated an extended photo shoot that included a variety of ART’s routes
  • Added another photo shoot with local talent to highlight the ART experience of seeing the sights in Anaheim and OC
  • Created ART Green/sustainable messaging
  • Wrote new ART Fact Sheets
  • Developed a series of creative house ads utilizing new themes/copy and consistent graphics promoting shopping, dining, sports and entertainment for ART’s usage inside the buses as well as at ARTIC to promote the many ART lines
  • Enhanced community outreach through targeted communications and relationship building


  • Acquired a feature story in the Orange County Register on the ART service and its new bus wrap design
  • Garnered a cover in the Anaheim Magazines print and digital edition on ART its extensive service and the new bus wrap design
  • Provided a platform for ART to build on with future campaigns with new brand standards and solid brand personality traits
  • Enhanced ART’s website with new imagery
  • Established more consistent visibility in local advertising for ART