Award Winning Results

At Cali Communications we are about getting the results. We have garnered more than 25 awards, gained millions of dollars of earned domestic and international media, increased awareness for our organizations and earned extensive engagement on social media.

How do we do it? We begin with thoughtful research, full comprehension of the needs and concerns of your target audience, setting realistic benchmarks and a solid understanding of the big picture.

We listen, customize and deliver in a timely manner.

As a partner in the process we accomplish our collective goals in an innovative way designed to make you stand out. There’s no cookie cutter marketing with Cali Communications, we deliver only the flavor and style that’s right for you!

Under the direction of Elaine Cali, her efforts have been rewarded with 25 top marketing, public relations, tourism and film industry awards. These awards recognized innovative social media programs, eye-catching videos and distinctive marketing and public relations campaigns.

A few of the major awards are listed below:

Elaine with awards copy


2012 Gold Award of Excellence- The OC Blogger Bash
Integrating social media exposure with distinctive special event
2012 Silver Award of Distinction: - Travel Matters
Highlighting the importance of the tourism industry
Hermes Awards

Gold Hermes Award for a Special Event OCBB

Platinum Hermes for- Electronic/Social/interactive Media-Social Media

CTTC Tourism Awards

2011 AVA Awards – 18 awards received in 2011 from Travel Matters video to social media

John Wayne Airport Westjet Video- Film-Silver Award

Walking on Sunshine campaign – video and collateral

Case Studies